Am I a para-archer or adaptive archer?

Generally athletes with a physical or cognitive impairment can be classified as a para-archer or adaptive archer.  Official classifications with more  in depth details can be found here on the USA Archery (USAA) website.  

  • NE - not eligible, but may be approved for adapted equipment or assistive aids in order to compete in able-body categories.
  • ST - standing - has a disability that can affect either the upper body or lower body, but they stand or sit on a stool or chair to shoot (feet are on the ground)
  • W2 – will have paraplegia or comparable disability.  This class will display minimal or no limitations in upper body strength, range of motion or coordination. W2 athletes may shoot from a wheelchair and compete in either compound or recurve open category.
  • W1 - shoot from a wheelchair but have more severe impairments than W2. To be classified as W1, an archer must have impairments in at least 3 limbs and the core and must shoot using a wheelchair.
  • NOTE: B1 and B2/B3 classifications for Visually Impaired archers have a separate process through the International Blind Sports Federation.


World Archery can classify athletes as Not Eligible (NE), Standing (ST), or Wheelchair 1 or 2 (W1 or W2)

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