Archery Range Rules​


Rules are ALWAYS posted on-site at the range
Anyone (participant or spectator) found not adhering to the below outlined rules, will be IMMEDIATELY asked to leave
  • ALWAYS keep a loaded bow with the arrow pointing downrange toward the target.
  • ALWAYS make sure there is an arrow in the bow when you draw — NEVER dry fire.
  • NEVER run or fool around on a range.
    Remember, the nock is more dangerous than the point. Be careful with it.
  • ALWAYS use an armguard as well as finger tabs for bows with pull weights of 20lbs or more
  • ALWAYS use arrows that are longer than your draw length and acceptable to your bow’s poundage.
  • When you’ve finished your arrows, ALWAYS step back behind the Waiting line and hang up your bow.
  • ALWAYS pick up arrows from the ground that are in your path; don’t step over them.
  • ALWAYS pull arrows from the side. Check before pulling the first arrow. Then pull from where the arrow enters the target, not mid-shaft.
  • ALWAYS carry or present arrows with two hands. If you have a quiver, use it!
  • ALWAYS respect your fellow archer, which includes not talking on or near the shooting line,
    and not withdrawing from the line if the archer behind you is drawing or shooting.
  • ALWAYS shoot for fun and consistency, not for bull’s-eyes.
  • The use of crossbows or broad-heads in the range are STRICTLY PROHIBITED

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