Scheduling Lessons With This Charter School Vendor

Actual lesson scheduling CANNOT be done through your charter school and MUST  be done through the range location directly (no exceptions)

Lesson Scheduling Procedure:

  1. Make sure that you have reached out to your charter school administrator to process your charter certificate or school funds request & validation before scheduling with this location as you will need advise the coach of the certificate number for validation of the lesson
  2. Once you have your confirmed certificate of funds, you will be able to contact the range directly to request to schedule a private lesson for your child.  
    1. via webform (quickest preferred way to ensure we receive your request and process ASAP)
    2. via phone: (855) 467-2260 ext 1 (Coach Paul)
  3. Once all is confirmed by phone or via email with Coach Paul, you will receive an  official written email confirmation that contains a specific Session ID#.  If you do not receive this, then you do not have a confirmed lesson with the range.  If you feel this is in error, then please contact the range again to have the email resent to you.