Will I receive a lesson confirmation? Where is my confirmation?

You should receive an email shortly after scheduling with Coach Paul they serves as your official / final lesson confirmation, UNLESS an update has been or is made after scheduling. For cancellations or rescheduling needs, please click here for instructions.

  • As confirmed between you and Head Coach Paul Farbman recently via phone or email, the information contained within your confirmation email will have been officially forwarded to our Range Billing Admin (Coach Lani) for final processing.  
  • Your confirmation email will contain specifics information pertaining to your confirmed session that have been sent for final invoice and range calendar processing. 
  • If there is a conflict or question, please let us know ASAP

Those SCHEDULING customers who do not receive this email, have not been fully confirmed and have not received their unique
 Session Request ID # (requested along with session Start date/time when your participants are filling in waivers first time to ensure they are confirmed and associated with your group during check-in).

  • Session ID # are required when filling out a group waiver for 11+ participants.
  • Session ID # is also used when contacting the range to look up or make updates to an existing scheduled lesson or event

If you not receive your email confirmation after scheduling, please

  1. contact us as soon as possible to ensure it was not sent to an incorrect email
  2. check your spam or junkmail to be sure it was not filtered their by accident